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Please share as much information as you feel comfortable with. 

We will ONLY use this information to better serve you, and will not share your information with anyone without your direct consent.   

This is for tracking purposes only.
Are you 18 years old?*
(Or will you be 18 years old in 6 months)
Are there any trades you know you are interested in already?
Most all trades require a minimum education of a GED or High School diploma to apply.
Are you documented to work in the United States?*
Most trades require that an applicant has documents necessary to work in the US.
Do you have a valid driver's license? *
Some trades require a valid driver's license to go onto a jobsite.
Are you a veteran?
There are alot of opportunities for veterans.
How did you hear about us? *

Send us an email at info@tradeswomen.org if you have trouble submitting 
this form or if you have any other questions.

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